Leave it to the Germans

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Sep 4, 2007
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I'm not quite certain what they were trying to accomplish with this.

But, whatever it was, the guy does know his stuff when it comes to running this machine!

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One way to sell your product..YIKES.
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This was in the German TV Show "Wetten dass ??" (could be translated as "Place your Bet!") , the excavator operator placed a bet that he would be able to climb a 15 m (45 ft) tower with his 15 tons excavator without any help. He won!

Years ago they had a guy with a full-sized, brand-new excavator who was able to light a BIC gas lighter by pressing on it with one of the teeth on the bucket.
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The budget Liebherr has for marketing and public relations, could feed a 3rd world country for a year...
At the German earthmoving show Bauma, they hire an entire 5 star hotel for Liebherr relations only... Dealers, importers from all over the world sleep there during the exhibition. Its just outrageous...

This excavator must have been purpose built, as i cant see any commercial user want a front shovel on a 15 ton machine...