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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Our set of seven Kumho KRS03 225/70 19.5 tires for the motor home came into today. They look great and are under six months build dates. I may get them installed tomorrow. They ran $218.47 out the door but just had another price increase that makes them $219 each just for the tire. They have fresh dates of under six months.

Last summer they and the Hankook AH11 were about $185 each but Hankook is already up to $255 per naked tire but Kumho is playing catch up.
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Tires, Rubber - oil- steel and the prices for all are going thru the roof.

Just shod the truck with 6 new Michilens..... $450.00 each when bought now $561.00 each.... 1 month later...

Glad these last a long time....
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MD09 even the tire store owner seems shocked about continued back to back price increases. While our tires still looked good they are nine years old.

I have to admit buying a set of new tires for a truck that does not see much use did give me pause. In our case we should be good for another 10 years and I doubt if they will ever be any cheaper than even at today's high prices.

While I do not need to spend the money in light of the price increase of these truck tires it crossed my mind about going ahead and replacing the 35 year old tires on the 265 MF tractor that belonged to the FIL. I would be 95 before they get 35 years old again. :D
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Made about a 30 minute test run after work today with the new Kumho's. I think they will be keepers. I had them aired to 75 PSI but will do some other testing in the 70-95 PSI chart range. There is less rattles than with the 8R's.

They have the same load rating at 75 PSI as the others did at 85. What is cool the max load rating is slightly more at 95 PSI than the other F rating at 110 PSI. the P30 rims are limited to 95 PSI so I could get the max load rating should I ever wish to do so.