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Apr 12, 2011
I have a 2010 or 2011 L3700 SU. It stays inside 85% of the time and I noticed the hood and fenders have faded quite a bit. The paint itself is still in real good condition and not all scratched or dented up. So today I loaded it up and brought it to a friend of mine who is a auto body guy. We are going to wetland and clear over the original paint ( Kubota stickers and all ) hopefully this will reduce the fade problem.....and make it real purty again!
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Mine stayed out on the dealer lot before I purchased. The paint on the hood is faded a bit due to oxidation. Probably just needs a good coat of wax to take care of that, but definitely haven't had time to do it.
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When I get ready to repaint my B7100HST I am going to go with Base and Clearcoat on the complete tractor. Enamel even if using hardener will start to fade after a while.
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They have it scuffed down and ready to clear coat. The plan is to put 3 or 4 coats of clear on it, enough to cover the kubota stickers and not worry about the edges lifting. Also going to LineX the floor boards and step. Hopefully it will be better protected from the elements for a while now.
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Gonna need pics... Before and after if possible.

I will try to get the after pics. They spray it tomorrow and I won't be there before it's done. Before...it looked like every other " light orange " kubota out there
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You will have the shiniest Kubota with 4 coats of clear.
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My paint is faded as well, although my tractor is 10yrs old now so I guess I can't complain. However, it does seem that Kubota's seem to fade quicker, and more, than most other types. I don't know if it's an orange thing or if it is just the paint they use, but I wish mine wasn't faded as much as it is.
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Their wheels seem to be the worst part for fading. I wonder if Titan paints the wheels and the contract quality standard isn't very good?? My tractor is parked inside at night and sits inside all day if not being used. This'll get a laugh,,, I wax my tractor 4 or 5 times a year... Yeah, crazy, I know... :laughing:
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It's a tractor, You guys are crazy! :laughing: :thumbsup: