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Nov 24, 2012
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My dealer is telling me that I need to go to an L series to lift my pallets of firewood. I cannot afford an L series and I hate the massive subframe the L uses to mount the front snow blower.

I plan to have about 1400 lbs of firewood on a pallets 40" wide and 32" deep. That should put the center of the load about 20" in front of the pins. I am lifting about 10-12 inches off the ground. I am positive that a FEL has a lot more capacity low to ground than at full height but without the load curve I am stuck.

Does anyone have the loader lift curve for the LA534 that comes on the B2650? Would you be kind enough to post it here or PM me a scan of it? I cannot find anything on the web.

At least the 3pt on the B is able to handle the job if the FEL with pallet forks cannot. But it would be nice to drive forward when staging the pallets under cover and bringing them into the garage.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but it says lift at 19 inches forward is 827 lbs. If you weren’t trying to double stack the pallets and put alittle less on there it would be fine. If you’re dead set on the b series I would just go alittle lighter on the wood to start out with and keep the pallet low and have the dealer load the rear tires if they load the rear tires with water, make sure to have them put antifreeze in the tire if you live where it gets below freezing. Also have something on the back for extra weight. I bought my L2501 because it was about the same price or alittle cheaper than the b2601 or b2650 they had and it was alittle wider frame. I like the wider stance using it on a hill side in the woods to get firewood and still have clearance.
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I found the loader curve on this forum. It’s under b2650 and la534 loader on this forum dated 5-2-18. I hope this helps
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I have a 534 loader. I’d plan on lightening the load to 1000 lbs
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Here's the B and L loaders compared:

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 8.41.17 PM.png
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A L with heavy ballast can barely lift a "1,200lbs" hay bale 2-4' on lighter pallet forks. That's with heavy ballast & loaded R4s. The limit is more stability & ballast than loader capacity, although that's about capped out as well.

I nearly rolled my L3200 moving those big square bales when the back end got really light. I had maybe 200lbs of junk on the back of a 5' rotary cutter. That plus the loaded tires made for a lot more ballast than you could get on a B. And it really wasn't enough.

You might be able to lift that load on the 3pt with a carry-all & ballast up front. You won't be able to safely lift that on a loader on a B.
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My L3540 with the LA514 loader struggles with full pallets of green maple. Also, I didn’t have my 6’ rotary cutter on while moving the first one and didn’t do that again! It was way too light in the rear end (with loaded R4s)!