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Apr 12, 2011
I have a new walker mower with a 23HP Kohler ( wish it was a Kawi or Honda) and when I shut it down at low idle it will diesel for a few seconds before finally shutting down. What could cause this? Maybe low octane gas? Out of time? The mower is new apron 30 hrs and seams to do it more when it has been run for a while and is real hot.
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I am not familiar with that engine, but my Toro ZTR has a 15hp Kohler Courage engine and the manual says to shut it off at full throttle. The dealer said it needs to be at least 3/4 throttle.
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I have been shutting it down with the throttle as low as it can go.
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I have been shutting it down with the throttle as low as it can go.

That was the way I was accustomed to doing any engine, but these newer ones with the fuel shut-off solenoid have to be done differently, or like chipsndust said, it'll backfire. I used to have a Toro ZTR with a Briggs engine that was the same way. You shut them down at full throttle. But as I said, I'm not familiar with yours, so I can't say for sure that's the problem.
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I have a Kohler CV20S (20hp) engine on my mower and the manual says to let it idle for a little while before shutting it off.
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I've got a 7 horse Kohler on my 40 year old Troy Bilt tiller that still runs great. You've got to stop it at about half speed or it will backfire. I've chalked it up to 40 years of carbon build up in the valves.
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What everyone else said. Shut it down on full throttle. I used to work in a small engine shop and we would get that coming in every once in a while.