Kioti financial incentives - will they return?

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Here’s an update since my original post, about 6-7 weeks later. Due to major home repair, some of the tractor money saved was diverted to that. I started contacting Kioti dealers in my area - within a 2 hour drive of me, and found only one which had a unit in stock. Many dealers have chassis on the ground but can’t fully assemble them due to lack of parts. They won’t talk price since they don’t have anything to sell.

I normally would have just been patient and wait a few months, but I don’t have a crystal ball and who knows when the supply issues are going to resolve.

Fortunately the dealer closest to me had 1 CK3510se hst cab in stock. Ended up using the currently running 0% finance deal to finance some of it in order to grab that one tractor left. Yes, I had to pay MSRP and get insurance, but it should be paid off by summer. I am amazed how little stock is out there, and the demand is still high mid-winter. I watched a guy walk into the dealership looking for a DK to be told they didn’t have any for sale, what was on the lot was sold, and no idea when they’d be getting more.

In a couple weeks I’ll take delivery of this tractor with a 3rd function and some tire chains. Swapped the R4s out for R14s.

Interesting point on the pre-payment penalty. I’ll look for that but doesn’t make sense financially on a 0% loan for a bank to do that.
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Congrats! So what was current "MSRP" on a CK3510se cab?

Sounds like you know your way around machinery a good bit, but this is your first owned machine? Do you have your own way to transport it? Hopefully it will never go back to the dealer for any warranty coverage, but if it does, stay calm. Maybe you know all this stuff below, but just in case -

Upon delivery or pickup:
Check all the fluid levels
Test every single function and feature, run the machine a good bit.
Look for hydraulic leaks carefully (especially with the dealer doing the 3rd function install)
If you have anything to connect to the rear remotes, it would be good to test them also to make sure the 3rd function install didn't affect them

Shortly after delivery:
Read the entire owners manual
Check all fluid levels again
Check bolt torque on the loader mounts, and all lug nuts - loose bolts is not cool, but it happens. Also the small bolts that hold all the grease fittings on the loader can also fall out, snug those up.