JD 5210 Which QA male fitting(?) for FEL and system purge ...

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Jul 21, 2012
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I'm mounting an Allied 495 loader to my SUT, have sorted out most of the bits to plumb it up, and just one of them has me hangin'. First, JD 5210 has factory joystick and rear SCVs for loader, with float and regen accordingly. I've opted for the JD controls vs tapping the Allied's stick into the PB.

As I assemble the hoses I have two hand-wringers, and the first is whether to use std vs 'connect under pressure' male QA ends (ISO 5675). Since there always seems to be some line pressure either in the SCVs (engine off) and gravity working the cyls with the FEL dismounted and on its stands I bought the 'residual pressure' ends thinking this would minimize spillage or mess when attaching or removing it.

? #1 - Do I really need/want these ('CURP') vs the std male ends? Will I spill more or less based on my selection so far? Just a useful extra, or just the opposite of what I'd want?

The ('pre-owned') Allied FEL came to me bearing a clear fluid that looks to be a synthetic vs the Hy-Gard or M-G 134 dino juices I'm familiar with. Seems my choices are to just hook up, let 'em mix, and do a full hydro change-out afterward .. or .. try to purge the cyls/lines first to minimize the clear stuff during prelim tryouts and leave even less remaining after the full recharge.

btw: I'd have several gallons of 'break-in' 134 from my 50 hr service on the NH. One crazy idea :)eek:) is to park both tractors s x s and tap into the NH to operate the Deere's FEL to 'flush' it vs just draining all from the bottom. Comments are welcomed on that one, 'er short of having me committed. :rolleyes: (already tried that twice ...)

? #2 - Is there a best/easiest way to clear out beforehand what hydro might not blend well with what I'll be using (Hy-Gard/dino) in the Deere once I'm up & running?

Thanks for all replies! :) tog
   / JD 5210 Which QA male fitting(?) for FEL and system purge ...
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Ok, thanks guys for the general help I er' finally found elsewhere .. on TBN, of course, esp:
.. which was recent enough I should have found it aleady. :duh: (if not specific answers my confidence is growing. :cool:)

I'll go ahead and use the 'CURP' male ends and see how they hook up. (#1)

J_J pointed out something in another recent thread about mixing/diluting whatever is in a rented attachment with what's in a tractor's system. :eek: If there's no long list of warnings about this being disastrous perhaps I'll make less of a deal about having a bit of that 'blending' going on before the full hydro change-out. (#2)

Couldn't have done it without ya, guys. :drink:

btw: if I wasn't so busy wrenchin' several projects I might have posted about this FEL install. If I get good pics later perhaps I'll share ... for laughs. :rolleyes: Meanwhile, too much fun 'till I'm done. ;)