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hhmmm I'm guessing there is a problem with his tractor due to an electrical issue??? Thats about all i got out of it!
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It stays in 4x4. Switch has 3 posisions but no light is coming on .Can someone guide me to the part involve in the 4x4 transferbox an electrical for operating the 4x4 switching ?
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My 5083E has a manual 4x4 engagement not an electronic and the 4wd light stays on all the time. I'd suggest looking at jdparts.com and looking up by model and you should be able to find the part you are looking for.
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Does tractor have EH HI/LO? What is tractor serial number?

Mfwd Drop Gear Box, Yanmar ( - 460999)


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parts key 13 ...... Elec. Connector Terminal 1 MFWD SOLENOID


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Someone before me found the wire and used it for something else . Lucky for my autolec the customer has a JD 5325 that is simelar to this one and we could check on that to find the wire .4x4 is working fine now ! Thanks for all your help .