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Oct 11, 2010
JD 4000 sold now a 2015 5075E
The previous owner had put bolts and lock washers through the rim and hub.. I knew it is was not going to last for long.. But it did last for several years..

So the rim cracked and is useless.. I looked on JD parts and found JD wants $178 for a new 15x8 6hole rim rated @2900lbs..

I found a 15x8 hole AG wheel rated at 3800lbs for $75 shipped from an AG place..

I have a new hub and the correct lugs to put back right..
Here is my question... The new rim has an extra set of holes,, since this is where the old rim failed (old rim its doesn't have the extra holes) should I weld them up.. So it would be stronger.. Other than the extra holes the rims are identical.

I do have a FEL and was doing a lot of turning when the old rim cracked.. But nothing was on the FEL.

Any opinions.. Suggestions.. Thanks'..
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I wouldn't recommend welding extra holes in rim. If anything I get re-enforcing rings that bolt on the outside of wheels such as combines use on steering axle wheels.