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Dec 6, 2013
Southern Alberta, Canada
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I have an ICD (internal cardiac device). Sometimes the thing is just itchy inside me. Most times it doesn't bother but sometimes it's itchy enough to be a nuisance. If I rub my skin over the device most times the itch goes away. My doctor tells me that I'm the only one he's ever heard of that has this problem and offers no explanation or solutions. I'm wondering if I'm really the only one that has these symptom or if others have experienced this also.
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Is it a demand device or constant pacing?
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Is it a demand device or constant pacing?

It's a demand device set to cut in with constant pacing for heartbeats under 40 bpm. Once in awhile my heart beats at 200 bpm. If it doesn't settle by itself after 7 seconds it's supposed to stop my heart and after 4 seconds start it up again. Has never happened yet and I hope it never does. One heart doc told me that 80% of people that have an ICD for the reasons I do never have the need for it.
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Is it a fairly recent install? Not that I know a thing about these, but the body can itch as it is healing. Like if you have a cut that the scab is drying up and skin is returning kind of thing.
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It's been in for about 2.5 years. The itch is hard to describe. It's like I'm itching from the inside. If I rub the ICD area it usually lessens the itch. If I want the itch to go away completely I have to ignore the itching that's left after rubbing it. Rubbing the area helps to lake the itching less but won't make it go away completely.

I was wondering if any others with ICD's experience similar symptoms.
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I have had my ICD for 7 years now and never had any itching. Also it has never done anything. Hope yours goes away soon.