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Mar 22, 2006
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Got my eye on a used 3-cylider older Cub diesel. Anyone have any helpful info?
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Sweeet machines! The only complaint I've ever heard of is the radiator screen and radiators needing constant attention as they plug up with mowing debris. The radiator on those is under the kick panel by your feet. There was just a sweet Cub on eBay with a 3cyl Yanmar gasoline engine. Those are tanks too.

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I would check on IHRegistry Home. There are two separate forums for International cubs versus MTD cubs. I've wondered if the diesel cub uses a stronger driveline from the motor to the transmission to handle all the diesel torque.
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diesel_nut I'm not sure how old the Cub is you are looking at and I don't have any experience with the International Models but the 719X and 72XX series of Cubs are fine machines. They have Mitsubishi engine and drivetrains, very tough. Filters are a little expensive. If you go to the IHRegistry listed you may get an idea of how old, etc. it is.
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All the older Cub Cadet diesel garden tractors I know of used Kubota engines. You don't see them anymore because of course Kubota has been selling their own diesel GT's. With CC now associated with Yanmar, perhaps we will soon see a new CC diesel garden tractor model.

The driveline/transaxles on all of the older CC diesels were basically the same as their gasoline powered counterparts. The Kubota diesels didn't produce a whole heck of a lot more torque than the gas engines, and usually less peak HP in the same setup, which is why the standard drivelines work fine with them. The advantage to the diesel was less fuel consumption and longer engine life- two things that would pay for themselves over the life of the tractor, and advantages evidenced in the much higher resale values the used diesels fetch.

There were no Cub Cadet diesel garden tractors built by International Harvester, the first models introduced were the 782D and 882D in 1984, under MTD ownership.

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JtKub the radiator on this one is up front just like a car.
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Fordlords. It looks very much like the Cub in your avatar. Except with a diesel exhaust stack coming up out of the top.
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Hmmm.. I've never seen one like that. Maybe an older compact tractor designation as opposed to the smaller diesel (MTD/CC) garden tractors. The diesel GT's have an exposed horizontal exhaust that runs along side the hood & the radiator is at the drive end of the engine.

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It's most likely a 782D. The external muffler/exhaust on these can be unbolted and inverted in to the vertical position if desired. 782D/882D's and the 1512D have the radiator mounted up front. (They turned the engine/radiator around 180 degrees on later diesel models.)

Under hood pix of 782D: http://www.tractorbynet.com/photos/data/500/23830782D.jpg

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Please forgive me for taking us slightly off topic, but Fordlords, can you share anything about replacing one of the Kohler gas engines on a cub cadet with a diesel? I see that oldmech replaced a Kohler on a Gravely walkbehind with a DEK diesel, but surely someone has done something similar with a Cub Cadet that was originally gas powered?

But back to the topic, isn't it ironic the way Kubota engines went into Cubs and now it looks like the next cub diesels may be Yanmars?