Improved front axle for loader.

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Are these components sourced off a larger tractor? Since this axle is no longer available from Hoye I would like to build my own. Any suggestions for strong spindles to start with?
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Yes, with all the pertinent information to the question I am posing.
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I believe the spindles were just the hD versions that they once made and mag still have and they were probably just welded to a stronger axle?

Hoye designed and built a lot of newer and or better parts. But it's like once that initial run was sold they never ordered more. Maybe it cost too much or took too long to sell them or it could be that Aaron knew he was selling it possibly and didn't want to tie up any more capital in inventory at that point. I remember when he introduced that new stronger axle. Another item that he designed and had built was the rear wheel spacers. They are also NLA. I had always intended to buy a pair but never decided that I could part with the $250 or so they cost. Now you can't get them and if they bring them back I bet they will be substantially more. I probably don't need them and have gotten by all these years without them and probably will fine.
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send aaron a pm on this site. maybe he can help you.
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Not sure as Aaron sold off the business to ASAP. Hmmmm
Yea he is here he has reported to at least one thread since letting us know. His name here is aaronM.

Not saying he can get the guy one just that maybe he can enlighten him on the parts and construction used. If it's parts off a larger tractor or not. Maybe a copy of a heavier models beam with a correct sized center pin with the right size spindles welded to it...etc.
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We originally made some heavy duty replacement spindles but, since they had to fit in the factory hubs, there was only so much we could do and they were still a weak(ish) link. So... we decided to start from scratch and offer a complete axle assembly.

Those axle assemblies were made from almost all custom pieces and were very strong. We started off with the YM3110 2wd axle design and modified the pieces to fit the smaller tractors (4 bolt hubs that fit the larger spindles, steering arms to fit larger spindles, etc). I think there are still a few of the individual components on the shelf at Hoye but I don't think they do the welding there anymore. You might try calling Braden (Hoye store manager). He might be able to sell you the individual pieces.

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My YM240 has the HD and adjustable width 2wd front axle thats listed as an option in its Parts Manual, and a loader that was likely dealer-installed. I expect this 'HD' axle was simply the standard axle for a larger Yanmar.

I don't understand how Yanmar avoids damage to the pivot where the center of the axle is attached to the frame, without any radius rods like 8N and early Ford cars.