Imported Buick

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Wouldn't you really rather have a Bruick?
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I gave up GM after 2004. Quality went to the bottom. Two vehicles an 03 and 04 both had major engine problems. Will never buy GM again.
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The last time I posted my feelings about GM, the thread was closed.:mad:
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My money helped to bail GM out, I still haven't seen any return (royalties/dividends) for that money and until I do I will continue to drive a Jeep.

Your money also bailed Chrysler out (again)... Of which Jeep was a subsidiary. The company then declared bankruptcy, and was sold to Fiat.
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Considering all of them ........GM and Chrysler and Ford took taxpayer money (yes Ford too look it up) I don't see that as a North American argument. I however would be concerned with the quality issues of a Chinese Buick, considering how the business ethics of the Chinese are different than First world countries , I would be worried about shortcuts and material replacements undetected by GM oversight. one only needs to look at the Chinese knockoffs of tractor attachments to see how they look exactly the same from the outside, but internally cheaper materials or methods are hidden. The other aspect would be that these plants would not be subject to the CO2 global warming and pollution type ethics that North American plants are and meanwhile our workers and countries will be bending over backwards and taxing us to meet these CO2 and pollution requirements that China scoffs at. (not that I agree with all the man made global warming hype)
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I agree w/this. Honestly, there is no such vehicle that is MADE in USA. Doesn't matter what make or model, a portion of it is made in China. The question is will GM pass the savings on to the consumer, not likely.
People buy chinese tractors so I'd guess they'd buy chinese cars.