I'm the 'old retired coot'

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Jan 31, 2011
Great NorthWest /Southwest Washington
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I need some wire for my welder so off to the welding store I go.:cool:
When I get there I am greeted by the salesman saying You are the 'old retired coot' I have been looking for?:mad:
Kind a caught me off guard!

Long story short there was a man that came in with a milk case of old C clamps. He told them to sell them to the first old retired man that wanted them, a dollar a piece! :D
I got 6- 12" clamps, 6- 8" clamps, 6- 5" clamps 20- 4" clamps, and milk case all for $38.00. Cleaned them all up and there's nothing wrong with them, I was the First Old retired man that had come!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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Sounds like a super deal. Those older C-clamps were well made.
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You made out like a bandit:laughing:
what a deal!

James K0UA
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Are they made in the USA? If so then you got a real deal.
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the 12's and 8's or welding clamps withe the copper coated screw and the others are wood working ones, good strong clamps but the screws are not coated! For a dollar apiece, if I only use them once when i need them is still a good bye!:)