If your Dewalt 20v wont recharge, try this.....

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May 12, 2013
My Dewalt 20v 5ah battery was drain and wasn't put on the charger for a couple weeks then couple days ago I tried to recharge it and nothing, had one light on the battery but the charger wouldn't charge it. If anyone has bought replacement Dewalt batteries you know they can be pricey especially the 5ah ones. First thing I did was look up Dewalts warranty on batteries, since that wasn't encouraging even though mine was just under a year old, so I went to the next best place, youtube, watched a couple videos and a fix so easy thought I'd share it just incase someone on here doesn't know.

Get a couple small pieces of wire, preferably different colors, find the +&- on both batteries. Now on the good battery hook one wire to the (+ plus) and the other wire to the (- negative), then hook the other ends of the wires to the dead battery and keep the + with the + and - with the - BUT no more than a couple seconds, then take the dead battery and place it on the charger and the charger should charge it, it did on mine.

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I've got 2 makita batteries that are dead. I tried charging them with a regular 12 volt battery charger in increasing time spans. Think there's much difference in the approaches?
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Is your Makita battery Lithium ion? I would try good battery to dead battery and see if that works. All I know is my Dewalt 20v 5ah battery I got for BD present 8 months ago had only one light on it and wouldn't power my drill and wouldn't charge until I did that battery trick. Wife didn't have the receipt and these Dewalt batteries can be $100.00+, and since the date on that dead battery was 2016 I was willing to try anything as long as I see it done on youtube. DEWALT DCB25 2V MAX XR 5.Ah Lithium Ion Battery-Pack - - Amazon.com
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Yes, mine is lithium. I bought 2 aftermarket replacement battery's for about $40 each. I'll try your approach but I'm pretty sure it's like CPR on a decaying body at this point.