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Seeing there is some looting going on in damaged areas...
...IMO there should be a zero tolerance mandatory 10 year sentence (hard labor, nothing but bread and water) for anyone taking advantage of disaster victims... I mean looters, price gougers etc., etc...
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They used to shoot looters in the good old days.

It happened post Katrina, Blackwater was brought in. Heck, the cops did some of that too.

There was a big controversy back then when medical staff at nursing homes euthanized some elderly patients that weren’t stable enough to evacuate. They were found not guilty but they were drug through the mud big time.

There were also some law enforcement agencies confiscating weapons which was also a huge scandal, so hopefully none of that happened this go round.
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Storm chasers travel from Houma to Cocodrie amazing video, light edit.

The storm gets strong around the 13:00 minute mark.

27:17 drone footage in Houma

37:32 Driving from Houma to Cocodrie the day after

39:58 How did the tractor end up there??

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I am in Boston to bring my daughter back to college. I am watching the storm track and will have to plan my trip back to Virginia Thursday morning. A minor inconvenience for me. God bless everyone whose homes were damaged by the hurricane.
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I live in eastern PA. and spent all day Tuesday cleaning out the ditches along my 1.25 mile long private road. Hopefully, it won't be a repeat of Ivan back in 2004. It took a week to repair that damage.
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Today I drove to Hattiesburg Mississippi (about 200 miles round trip) to get gas for my generator, to mail some orders since local post offices are closed and looking for a library with a computer, internet and a printer so I could make up more orders. No luck finding a computer I could use.

Today I found out that two large oak trees fell on my old home that I rent out for extra income, demolishing it but luckily not hurting the tenants, and as usual we have not been able to get insurance on it since Katrina.

It gripes me how an insurance company is allowed to make a fortune in our state selling insurance on autos life and other highly profitable policies and be allowed to stop selling home insurance any where they want.
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Can't fanthom the police were in the right, however, apparently they "thought" something else had happened.

I could give you the other side of that story but no one wants to hear the law enforcement officers side and
I could not type the long explanation on this phone.Its a lot easier proving the police shot someone than it is to prove that they were shooting at the police.
Over $1,000,000,000.00 of looting with no one prosecuted for it but police, doctors and nurses who refused to desert their jobs and stayed through the storm to help others were the only ones prosecuted.
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Over $1,000,000,000.00 of looting with no one

I hate looters but I'm going to need a reference for that BILLION DOLLARS of looting.

Remember that your argument will be much more believable if you stick to the facts.