I took the loader off

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Feb 10, 2011
I took the loader off the L4240 for the first time yesterday. I took the weights off the BX and put them on it to see what it would look like. The tractor is some much more manuverable without the FEL.



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I usually take my FEL off during the mowing season. I use four 55lb suitcase weights on the front of my L3830 and finds that makes it pretty well balanced. Just dropping the quick attach bucket and mowing with just the loader arms is also not too bad. My biggest concern is not to destroy any of my fences in the pastures. Removing the FEL makes that easiest.
   / I took the loader off
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Mowing without the loader would be nice. I am thinking about dragging some logs without the loader.
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So far this season, I've mowed with the FEL in place but took it off today. Then it happened......I clipped a pile of rocks and really messed up a couple blades and then wished that the FEL was still on so as to lift the MMM to remove the blades. Darn Darn Darn. So I drove over a gulley and took the blades off, (laying on my back) and sharpened them. That was still a bitccch when lifting the deck would have been easier....maybe. Mowing still goes better with the FEL off however. Ain't tractoring fun.:)
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I remove the FEL on our L5740 to mow whenever I can, but leave it on mowing in our hills, don't think I can add enough weights to keep the front down. It really helps to get in to some tight places and rides smoother.