I have a GF1800 front deck, anti-freeze in the oil

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Jul 10, 2010
Clifton, Illinois
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I have a GF1800 front deck I'm guessing a 1994 but I do not really have a clue., anti-freeze in the oil.

What is it's value?

Where is the best place to sell it to get some of my money out of it?

It started and ran good when I drove it back to the shed. The deck has been reworked with new bearings and some welding.

The engine was supposed to have been rebuilt before I bought it.

I would be interested in buying a head, thermostat and gaskets if that is all it needs. Or a complete unit. Something that is beat but still has a good engine.

Any advice would be immensely appreciated.
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You could just need a head, or gasket, but really it is a shot in the dark. You could pull the head and have it magnafluxed, and even if you find something you don't really know if that is the only issue. If you really want to keep the machine it might be worth a go.

However coolant in the oil is never a good thing, and not the best for bearings. I am always a little leery about the phrase "rebuilt engine" it can mean so many things. Personally I would rather buy something for less money with an engine that is very tired and have it done to my standards and correctly then to pay for a rebuilt engine that may just have had a new head tossed on it.

I am sorry I can't give you too much more info on price....good luck to you.