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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
1948 Allis Chambers Model B 1976 265 MF / 1983 JD 310B Backhoe / 1966 Ford 3000 Diesel / 1980 3600 Diesel
We were without a tractor and equipment from 1996 until 2010 because our company ate our farms and equip in 1996.

I had picked up a new 8' Bushhog heavy box blade over a year ago for the 265 MF and bought the JD 310B backhoe but still did not have a grader blade.

After trying to remove snow off about a half mile of hills with the FEL on the backhoe I knew I had to get a blade.

Since my FIL had the MF 265 set up to be 7'4" wide I was hoping to get an 8'' blade. I found a heavy one but it only pivoted to the right or left but I wanted on that will tilt as well in case I wanted to pull any ditches some day. It had been abused AND was $850. The Land Pride 35 series that I liked as more like $1500 new.

Yesterday I was on after buying and 8000e Generac the day before and clicked on the Classified Ads at the top right and found an old 7' blade for $100 that started out as a nice blade in its day based on the photos.

It turned out the brand was Modern and was made in TX but it was initally a 6' blade. Someone had added 6" of back blade on each side. The heavy cutting edge blade was made up of a 5.5' and 1.5' part welded together years ago. This meant the seams of the back blade and the cutting blade were not jointed on the same line. It was yellow than blue in color.

The solid steel floor in the 5'x10 tilt trailer made loading and unloading by hand very doable.

Well at lest i got something I wanted for Father's Day. :D
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Actually I did not know this site let you just paste in photos. :)

I did some reseach on Modern last night and found this generation of the C1 model is like 200%+ strong than today's version.
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Here is a photo of the generator I mentioned in the first post that I found on Classifieds. It needs a battery and has 32 hours on the meter and was $500 off new price of $1300. It came with that heavy 30 amp power cord that splits out the 220v outlet into four 120v outlets plus it has four more on the front of the generator. Generac is not a Honda but reviews were OK. It was only 15 miles from the office.

Their flash messed up the photo but it looks like new (stored inside since 2009 ice storm) and has the manual and tune up kit it came with new.
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Nice. I'd love to have one of those self starting standby generators that would power the whole house. Not in the cards though.

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Haywire I guess I am not as big of a jerk due to health issues so electric start is required for engines of this size. :D

The seller started it right up by rope but I have not been able to do so after getting it home. I put a charger with a start mode and it started right up. :thumbsup:

Going to get a new battery for sure.