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Nov 23, 2006
Kubota L6060
Just changed the fluid in the hydraulic trans, front axle and front wheel hubs on my DX45 (TC45). Tractor has 300 hours on it. The fluid for the hydraulic trans looked fine, very clean and no signs of moisture. When I drained the hydraulic oil in the front axle and hubs, it seemed to be very dark with a very slight amount of moisture. The color makes me assume it has been very hot during operation. Just wondering if this is normal for the front axle and hubs or something to be concerned about?


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Discoloration like that is normal. That's why it is recommended that the oil be changed. The front hubs have not very much oil doing a big job, and typically is the most neglected oil in any tractor. Big or small.
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Thanks for the reply Rick. Good to know. There was such a large difference in the oil between the front axle/hubs and transmission I figured I better check.

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Remember, the axle and wheel hubs don't have a filtration system like the hydraulic system which gets doubly filtered by the main hydraulic filter and the HST filter on the DX models. I think that's at least partially why the axle and hub oil is darker.