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Oct 3, 2023
Mahindra 2810
I just acquired a 2810 I didn't get any manuals with it. So I looked up the service manual on the Internet it gives certain brands. All I have is a tractor supply and a Napa. My problem is which oil to get for this tractor I know it has wet brakes also. If someone could tell me which oil to buy and what spec oil mahindra calls for would be greatly appreciated.
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Unfortunately, there are not industry wide specifications and standards regarding transmission / hydraulic tractor oil. The TSC "Traveller Premium Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid” will be fine in your machine.
The 2 fluids to avoid are straight hydraulic fluid (not intended for use in transmissions), and a somewhat dated issue, but old "303" fluid spec which is not suitable in any modern machinery. TSC was involved in the 303 debacle several years ago, but I believe they have since either correctly labled it, or just don't sell it.
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Thank you much appreciated.
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Warren Oil Co was the manufacture of the 303 and the settlement was 10.8 million. It was sold under various labels. They also manufacture Travellers brand. I would not use it. There are no standards for hydraulic fluid. No one is checking to see if it is what is represented on the label. I figure if an equipment manufacture puts their name on it, they probably know what's in it and may even have developed the recipe themselves. John Deere Hy-Gard should be very good. Case Hy-Tran would be another one. I'm sure Caterpillar has one as well.
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John Deere Hy-Gard should be very good. Case Hy-Tran would be another one. I'm sure Caterpillar has one as well.

Also, New Holland "Master Tran" (or Ultraction if I recall??)

Be prepared for some sticker shock.... (presuming you are not yet aware). For me, it's roughly $150 after tax for a 5-gallon bucket of Hy-Tran.

Found it 10/15 dollars less expensive when I found a small local dealer that I didn't know existed.... but they are a New Holland dealer. Happens that Case/IH now owns New Holland (as I understand) "Ultraction" is essentially Hy-Tran in a New Holland labeled bucket. I might have the names mixed up.... (happens!) but the point is New Holland is another location you can find good stuff.

I just did a 25 gallon flush on my tractor.... I'm still crying in my wheaties.
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About 12 years ago had the main line from the hydraulic filter break on the Mahindra 3510 and it lost about 6-8 gallons of oil in a minute or two.

Had 15 gallons of the infamous 303 but was not aware of any problems with it. I guess ignorance is bliss. Tractor is still running fine.
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Thanks guys for the feed back much appreciated.
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Thanks guys for the feed back much appreciated.
Do you not have a Mahindra dealer close by? If not Dave's Tractor will ship it to you they are located in California, great dealer.