Hydraulic limb saw project.

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Jul 28, 2007
Short answer no. Can’t use the loader hydraulics to move the saw thru the cut. Not a good way to feel saw pressure. The saw arm is hinged so the weight is what carries saw thru the cut. Best to make several section cuts back to the trunk to reduce bark stripping. Time of year and some judicial use of manual polesaw could improve arborist results.

Could some coil over shock springs on the saw arm give a controlled force on the saw to also give an upward cut? Idea needs some clever development.

I've been wondering why no one to my knowledge has made a hydraulic chain saw that cuts horizontally? The limbsaw company makes a circular saw that will cut horizontally and they have a video showing it being used to cut small trees under a fence line, but it requires more hydraulic flow than their chain saw. Is there some reason that prevents a hydraulic chain saw from being used horizontally to cut small fence line trees? Or would it make more sense to use one of those round brush cutter blades with chain saw teeth? But then, what would you use to drive it with?

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   / Hydraulic limb saw project.
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Jan 20, 2019
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While chainsaw teeth excel at cutting green wood they quickly dull exposed to dirt or rocks. Also delicate being controlled by tractor operating functions.

Those chainsaw disks work well on a weed eater.

Bought an old buzz saw flat belt tractor saw.

Thought about fabricating a hydraulic powered FEL brush cutter. Recently sold it for $100 for a Dollywood decoration doubling investment.

Sharpened Paumco quick spade combo has been handy for cutting saplings out of fence rows at ground or just below ground level.

Always looking for better solutions.
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Dec 28, 2022
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What are you planning to use for a saw - do you know yet ? Seems plenty heavy especially if you put a backbone on it. But then again, if if gets pinched it can take a lot of force to free it. Keep going !

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