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Jan 13, 2012
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The control valve for the front end loader sticks when I pull it towards me. It feels like it clicks into place. All the other directions are fine, nice and smooth, let go of the arm and it will go back to center. I haven't taken it apart yet, but have opened up the rubber boot and sprayed really good. I was just going to buy a new assembly until I found out they are close to $1,000. Any ideas? Its a 2011 Boomer 35, a 240 TL loader.
What's the function that the bucket does when it clicks into place? I don't know your tractor but mine has a couple of "Regen" functions where it clicks into place for "regen" or fast dump mode. (it allows return fluid to fill the void on the other side of the cylinder instead of going to the tank).

Only problem is "pull it towards me" sounds like raising the bucket (at least on mine).

Got photos of the backside of the valve? The end caps are usually larger to support the spring and balls...
Are you the original owner and is this "click" something that just started?
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Original owner, have over 1,000 hrs in the seat so I know how it works and feels. It started sticking a few months ago. Just a slight bit, it would almost return to the the center position if you let it go. The function is curling the bucket up, not raising it. Now it sticks with a strong click, like something is snapping in place. I know I'm going to have to pull the thing apart, just wanted to know if anyone else had a similar problem and what to expect when I open it up and how the mechanism works. I imagine the two cables have some type of a ball on the end, rests in cup and the lever either pulls it upward or pushes it downward. The ball/cup must have something going on, but why only in one direction? Dealer just said bring it in and we'll take a look. Figure I can take a look first.
Some models is spring operated and others is detent operated.
The detent operated one ś ...you move the lever just a bit forward lr to the rear to get lift or lowering.
If you move the lever more you will get that click where the spool will go in "float" position.
Just be aware about that.
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Fixed it today. Took the unit apart, there is basically nothing in there except the end of two cables that have a round end that fits in a cap that can move them up or down. How they justify a $980 price for it is beyond me. The cables end up in a big cast valve assembly that has the hydraulics's in it. Where they attach there are two flange plates that screw into the valve unit. The screws that hold them in place were just a bit loose which caused the cables to bind. While it was all apart, lubed up everything, put it all back together and good to go. Most difficult part of fixing this was clearing out the garage to work in because it was raining out.