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Why do you want to change?
Hour meters are used as they are a more accurate guide for service interval.
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Is the question "How do hours on a tractor compare to miles on a vehicle"?

Here's my current thought process: a hundred hard hours brush hogging = 5,000 miles, a hundred hours in a parade (easy hours) = 1,000 miles..

My tractor's suggested oil change interval is 200 hours. it was built when oil changes were recommended every 2,000 miles, 100 hours = 1,000 miles. A car averages 45 MPH throughout it's lifetime, 100 hours = 4,500 miles.

You'll have to do the km conversion yourself, my operating system is to old to upgrade to metric scale ;)

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The farmers here in SA always mouns about the condition their tractors is in . The drivers missuse it and has no respect for it .
Then I have to tel them from another angle that its not the case . My explenation is as follow.

How far do you drive your car in a hour ? At what km s do you trade it ?
Then they see the hole picture !
Normaly the answer is 100km/62.5 miles x hours on the tractor = almost 1 000 000 km and they trade their car at 80 000km to 100 000km.
Then I softern that blow by saying ....let make it 60 km and that will bring us back to 600 000km......still far from their 100 000km for their car or pick-up .