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Apr 12, 2011
For those of you who have and ride horses recreationally.. Do your horses wear ass bags when walking on neighbors roads ? My issue is this..We have a neighbor who has stables where students learn to ride. Their horses regularly walk down our gravel road..and leave piles behind them,,I then either have to try and dodge the piles..Or if not it over. ..Its aggravating to say the least.
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If it were in the road we would go out and clean it up.
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I am not much of a horse fan, but I can think of better things to get upset about. Perhaps you should try talking to them about your concern.
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If our horse go an tear up the neighbor yards or roads, even leaving dumps, I would clean it up.

One pile, not so much, consistently, yeah...courtesy.
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By "our road" do you mean a public road or your driveway?

I kinda like seeing horse poops on the roads. If I'm in my car I drive around them if safely possible. If I'm in my Suburban, I run them over, just because. :p