HELP! whats normal BX24 temp guage position?

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Apr 21, 2012
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My instruments panel delaminated. I took the cluster out so I could silicone the panel back on carefully.

SOMEHOW, my temp guage is no longer in the correct position. I can't think of any reason for this, except maybe the needle has spun on the shaft. At stone cold it's at the bottom, then at full temp it's at "C".

As everybody probably knows, it's not an analog guage, it's digital, a computer tells it where to 'step' to. You can tell its digital because when you turn the key on, it "steps" thru it's motion.

Can somebody take a pic of their temp guage at "normal" temp? Not working hard just been running for 15 min or so. I'll set my guage like yours, then glue the panel back on.

Here's my instruments with no 'glass'.


Incidentally the whole cluster just pushes out fairly easily from the underside. Take off the screen (just ahead of your knees) and push up on the instrument cluster by reaching in above the battery. There are no clips - the cluster just sits in there by friction. You can pry it out from the top with a screwdriver too.


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That is not a normal position i can tell ya. mine when stone cold is right at the bottom of c like in your warmed up photo. I think something is wrong. Have you tried to move the needle when stone cold to see if it can be readusted to cold since the plastic is off already?
   / HELP! whats normal BX24 temp guage position?
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With the tractor warmed up (running 25 minutes) I moved the needle manually, up to the middle of the temp range. I can feel it 'stepping', like a stepper motor, and it stays where I put it. Then I turn off the tractor, it stays in that mid position, engine off. When I turn the key on, it goes to the bottom, then back up to the "C" position. And I start the tractor ((it's still full warm) and the needle stays at "C" as in the pic.

I need to know where it ought to be at full normal warm on a ~40 deg day. I will try to turn the needle on its shaft that amount.

Can someone take a pic, or describe (in % for example) how far up the white arc the needle ought to be at full normal temp?
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On my BX-25, during normal operating temperature, it's dead center.


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   / HELP! whats normal BX24 temp guage position?
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Thanks Radio,
I pulled the needle off the shaft, then re-set it on the guage shaft in a position that it cannot rotate below the C. It bottoms out "level" at the C. I hope this is correct! I cannot imagine how the needle could have moved on the shaft, it fits on there very tightly. How hard I had to pull (to get it off) had pucker factor.

When you turn on your key, (stone cold) does the needle motor down to the bottom then come up and settle level, at the C ?

(My tractor is 135 miles away, I only have the cluster)
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