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Apr 21, 2012
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I need to remove my dash panel on a BX24 because the glass has delaminated. I have to clean dust off the guages, and re-seal the 'glass'. Can somebody explain or show a pic how to remove it? Deano says there are 'clips'. Also where is the vent hole? This sounds easy but my tractor is 120mi away so I can't just go look at it. Just gathering some info before I go out there. TIA !!!!
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Pic of 'glass' that let go


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The whole thing comes out by using a screwdriver blade on the edge. It just pops out. Once it pops out, there is a plug on the back that you will squeeze a latch and pull it off. Then you will see the "clips" to seperate it. I would clean up what you have GENTLY then seal with some RTV.

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Tx Deano

On a normal dash you wouldn't see this "white" but do I pry between the black and the white? Where is a good location to start? Does anybody have a pic prying it out? Or a pic already 'out' so I can see the clips and their locations? Are these clips visible from the battery area?

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Yes between your white and black. Start at the center top. It will pop right out. PM me an email and I will send you Kubota's pdf instructions. (2.33 mb too large to attach

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Thanks very much Deano!

Here are some pics of the dash taken apart. It's not sealed at all, it just snaps together. If you spray water thru the screen (by your knees) into the battery area, moisture rises from the battery area and condenses on the 'glass'. Mine was manufactured 10/06 and has some tape covering the lower seam. You could remove the instrument cluster tape all of the seams, which would reduce the amount of moisture that gets inside. There are two breathing holes at the bottom with permeable fabric covering them.

There are no 'clips' holding the instrument cluster in, it just presses down into the dash bezel and is retained by friction. If you didn't want to stick a screwdriver in, maybe it can be pushed up from below (above the battery). I did not try this but it looks like you could remove the screen (by your knees) and stick your hand up there and push it out from the underside.

I took it all apart and cleaned the dust off the dash faces, then used silicone to glue the 'glass' back on. It looks new again. I was a little suprised how cheaply the instrument cluster is made, it looks like it ought to cost about $5. It's made in USA by Maxima Technologies.


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The "clips" I were referring to are the ones that are used to separate the backing. I see them in the second picture. They go through the back of the unit and clip into place. Anyhow, just start pulling it out anytime you wash it. It only takes a second and you will not have to worry about the LCD graying out like mine did!:thumbsup:
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I'm not sure I would trust those gauges. As near as I can tell, they are disconnected but still within operating temperature and 1/4 tank of fuel. :D
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Dang! When I took the cluster out the tank was full. Do you think somebody's been draining my fuel? :confused:
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Deano: Your help has been tremendous, as I am troubleshooting a non functional fuel gauge as well as an unstuck dashboard face. I would really appreciate the pdf you have offered. Byngh