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Rich B1

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Jan 28, 2017
Stone Creek, OH
NH TC21D, 3 Craftsman GT’s…..old but tough, AGT Industrial QH 12
Figured it was time to say hello. Been looking around TBN for several weeks since a New Holland TC21D followed me home.

We maintain 10 acres with 2 garden tractors and an AC-B (sold yesterday). Yes the wife mows as well and enjoys it. The one garden tractor is "hers", a 17 year old Craftsman that is tough as nails. The other, is a lot newer, shall remain nameless, and basically has something break every time it gets used. I had enough last fall when the hood cracked and fell off. So started looking for something else.

So now I own a NH TC21D with a 60" belly mower and a 5' Land Pride blade. Still have the 3PH dirt scoop and 3PH log splitter that I used on the AC. The AC had my home built 3PH and live hydraulics......I joked it was a rare factory prototype. I have split a lot of wood with that tractor and log splitter. Now to add rear hydraulics to the NH for less than the $1100 price NH has it priced at!

But that is for the projects forum!
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To the TBN forum Rich. Congrats on your new toy..... tractor. :D We are glad that you joined with us here.

I used to do some computer work at a steel mill in Dover back in the day so I know that area very well. That's the beautiful part of the state.
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Greeting from NE Ohio. I see you're from Amish land..
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:welcome: to TBN Rich...enjoy.
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Welcome from a neighboring state! I will enjoy hearing about your project!
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Welcome from Columbus Ohio. Glad to see support from Ohio lol.

That's a VERY handy tractor size for a number of tasks, I wish I had a smaller tractor like that for different tasks I have, I have a GT Husqvarna mower but it's not good for much work lol.