Harbor Freight String trimmer repair.

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Jan 27, 2002
Knoxville PA
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My first stringer trimmer for my home was a light duty Toro corded electric unit. I got 15 years of use before it died. I bought another Toro but it lasted a few years. Next I tried a Weed Eater product which also lasted a couple of years. I figured it was time to try a cheap Harbor Freight (HF). This unit lasted 10 years before a ten cent plastic part in the head gave up the ghost. This unit was replaced by a Kobalt. I thought I might get the HF running again by replacing the head. I cut the old plastic head off and removed the retaining nut that was peened on to the shaft. The shaft thread is M6-1.0 RHT and it rotates CCW. I bought off Amazon a M6 female to M10 male RHT thread converter. I put old head I had and now its back in business.
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Alrighty then, good for another 10 years.
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I gave my old Lynxx weed whacker and blower to mom because she wanted something light to help dad. That was years ago and they are still using them. They held up better than I would have thought.