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May 12, 2013
Thinking of getting a hand held small brush cutter that cuts up to a in. with out cutting my wallet. The use will be about hour or so from time to time, my land is rough and tough so I'm giving this a hard look>>>>>
Husqvarna Brushcutters 223R Just not sure if that will cut small brush, doesn't show it with a blade, maybe it's an extra add on, like to see one with a blade on it, tied of the string a ling, it only works good for graas and dandelions, not thisles thorns and brush.
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brush cutter = requirement at least for me = a straight shaft on a trimmer / weed whacker. if not you will easily eat up and brake a curve shaft rod that is inside. (curve shaft rod = more like a spring rod that flexes and brakes easily), while a (straight shaft has a solid rod in side and less likely to break)

the straight shaft trimmers work your body pretty good. due to length / weight. vs a curved shaft trimmers, (curve shaft the head is closer to you) as a result. it is a requirement here to have a self propelled brush cutter more expensive but your you are able to move afterwards.

a push trimmer (push mower but with a string on it) generally run heavier diameter string. can take down some descent weeds within reason before getting overloaded.

a brush blade on a straight shaft trimmer can go like mad, but you still get weeds that will wrap around the head, requiring a pocket knife, screw driver, and some sort of pliers to pull the stuff out. (pretty much like anything else)
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I have a Stihl that uses a blade that can be re- sharpened with a chain saw file,plus a spare.Works great and can cut up to 3" brush.
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After the overwhelming responses, I chose Echo>> Brushcutters, Straight Shaft Brushcutter, U Handle Brushcutter | ECHO USA << Here's a few reasons why, first the dealer is 12 mi. away, Echo's website has prices up front and easy to compare models, $400.00 was my limit. 3rd reason is the model SRM-2620U was atleast 25cc with good size fuel cap. AND had a video with it, I dont care what anyone says youtube sells. 4th, the dealer wasn't busy or they enough sales people, and it's the same place I bought my tractor so the same salesman helped me right out, nice to be remembered after ten years.

The Stihl dealer is also close by, salespeople and counter was busy so I spent half hr trying to figure out which model to get, The prices was all there but the specs. was all over the place, one had fuel cap., CCs etc the other one didn't say fuel cap. or didn't say something else. I cant compare models like that I need/want the same specs on all models, like one is $325.00 the other is $375.00, WHY, I got frustrated and walked out, went over to the Echo dealer.

Earlier I stopped at a small Husqvarna dealer where I bought my chainsaw to get a sawchain, he had a couple smaller trimers, said he could get the model I wanted in a couple days, but I wasn't quite sure of which one I wanted, he didn't even have pictures, gave me a model number and price, said go look it up online, well that's ok if I know what I want, but I want to look at it up close, hold it in my hand, and I want it NOW, while I'm out and about.
I could of gone 20-30 mi. somewhere else to look at a Husqvarna mod I was thinking of, earlier in the week I even sent them an email, "do you have one, price etc, they replied said YES we have the HUSQ, mod. you want" but they didn't give me price, news flash, if your going to play pricing games, you play with
someone else.

Lastly, after I put few hrs on the SRM-2620u, I'll give a full honest NON BIAS review.
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I have all Echo 2 stroke power tools - straight shaft line trimmer, hedge trimmer, blower and now looking at a pole saw. I think for the price they are great and just require the typical maintenance that all the tools require. Late summer and heading into fall I run Top Fuel premix due to it's shelf life but during spring and summer when I am running them often I mix 91 non-ethanol with some Amsoil (laying around from those almost useless snowmobiles I love to hate!). Good luck with the new tool - let us know how it works.
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Oldpath, I use a 10"-12" carbide blade from a mitre box, I had to punch out the arbor hole to fit my Stihl brush cutter, but I've bounced it off a few of our Maine rocks and it still zings right through 2" saplings. Same blade for at least 5 years.
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35 years on the Echo SRM 300 Brush Cutter... figure about a 1000 hours and no engine of shaft problems... do need to keep the spark arrestor clean...

Mostly I use the heavy line with a Takata Brain... it is self feeding and works wonders... also have blades when needed.
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Straight shaft and solid driveshaft (not the one that looks like a drain snake). Bolt on a circular saw blade.
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Oldpath, I use a 10"-12" carbide blade from a mitre box, I had to punch out the arbor hole to fit my Stihl brush cutter, but I've bounced it off a few of our Maine rocks and it still zings right through 2" saplings. Same blade for at least 5 years.

Maine rocks, 15 minutes of use I ding a rock, didn't cut so good after that. I was in such a hurry to use the brush cutter yesterday before the rain got here I just started wacking, maybe if the sun was out I could've seen the rock better even tho it wasn't that big it dulled the blade. Before I use it again gonna try filing it, at $27.00/blade, I'll watch out for rocks better. I thought that price was high till I looked it up>>>.
Echo 22 Tooth Saw Blade 1in 25mm Arbor Lawn Mower Replacement Part, New | eBay <<<<<<<<Ouch, do them miter blades you mention come in 8"? my arbor hole is 25mm or 1" which ever comes first.