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NO more tightening the screw in the thing!!!

I want one. Probably more than i will want to spend...but i want one!!! if i ever have to do a replacement probably will look into it!

Aaron, any idea of a price point? i mean not to quote you and hold you to it....$200-300?? 400-500? A window is all i was curious about.
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Thanks Winston! This power steering kit is really pretty neat. We are just working out a few bugs and fine tuning things but it is coming along nicely.

Clemsonfor... unfortunately, the price is high. The components are all USA made and they are just flat out expensive parts. There is really not much we can do about it at this point. We figured we would build the kit and see what happens. It might simply be too expensive and we might not ever sell one... I don't know. I don't have a final price but I can tell you that if you shop around you can find that orbital valve itself for about $400. The relief valve is about $100. The priority valve is about $100. Cylinder $100. There is about $50 to $100 in hoses. There is about $50 to $100 in fittings. So... if you wanted to just put one of these together yourself by shopping on ebay, for example, it would cost you about $800- $900. We are negotiating some better prices on all f the components but we are still looking at somewhere in that range.

It is just a project that I have been wanting to do for a while so I figured this was as good of time as any.
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sigh!!!! :-( i really wanted one. But that price would be a deal breaker. Without a loader pressing the tires down making low speed steering difficult, i think i will make do without it. You only notice on slow speeds or fine adjustments for hooking implements anyway.

Would have been really cool to have power steering though!! I am sure some of the guys with some larger more expensive tractors will gladly retrofit them. It is just too pricy for least at this point i say that. I still WANT ONE!!!