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Mar 22, 2006
~'88 1872(sold); '08 GT2554
Took it to our property near the Tn River and mowed on very irregular ground. Slightly hill with ditches and such. I am amazed at the traction this tractor has on irregular ground and it's ability not to scalp the grass even when on odd angles. Traction going up steep banks was amazing. Backing down was a non-issue.

Cutting through thick, high grass was also no problem at all.

I was impressed.
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I was impressed how well the traction was when I got mine. My yard is uneven and hilly in spots Cub tackled them well. I have the AG tires now so the traction is great.
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Must have put it to some extremes. My right-rear deck pin came loose. After messing with it a bit I found out that that release lever on the left side sure make things a lot easier when trying to realign that pin ;)
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I had a similar thing happen to mine a couple of weeks after my Cub was delivered. I was mowing and I heard a ping. I noticed the deck was turned at an angle. I tried to put it back on but it wouldn't stay.I called the dealer and they fixed it. I am not sure what the problem was. I haven't had it happen since.