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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Yesterday we picked up an old Grime Fighter Model 2560 SB pressure washer/steam cleaner.

The seller knew little about it and I can not find a manual or other info online. It is made by Electro-Magic. They have new lines on the market but I am guessing this one is 25+ years old since a marketing sticker states their pressure washers were used in 1980 Winter Games.

It was in a heated shop so I have to figure out how to get it blown out today. In IN it was freezing when we picked it up last night but was 50F by the time we got back to Murray but we are to be 22 tomorrow night.

Going out to try to blow it with an air compressor but it by mouth last night I could do nothing. It has like a 130' of coils to blow when looking at specs of the new ones with similar model numbers.

Thanks for any guidance on getting more HOW TO USE info. It does not show a lot of wear and tear so I think it has been stored inside over the years.
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Alkota who currently owner the Electro Magic Grime Fighter brand name sent me a PDF of the OEM owners manual for our 2560 S steam/hot water pressure washer.

It was dated 1972 but I know the unit must be newer because it has a marketing sticker on it stating the brand was used in the 1980 winter games.

I was impressed they would support a line that old.
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I used one of those in the mid to late '70's. Amazing how well that hot water will cut grease.
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Well 5 years later I still had not started using the Grime Fighter Model 2560 SB hot water/steam cleaner so today my son and I loaded and gave it to our friend that has a three bay shop at his home where he works evening and on Saturdays. He does most all of our automotive work so we can keep our old stuff on the road. Turning 66 next month and with all my arthritis I really do not need it like I did when I first purchased it. Plus these machines are not toys and can mane or worse if not used correctly. I actually found the email where the company had sent me the PDF of the 1972 copyrighted Factory manual so my friend should be good to go. The water pump runs as does the burner fire off and burned during his 15 second test run. If I need something cleaned I know where it is at. My son is not interested in it for himself. I guess I have other things that I will never get around to using that I could give away and make people very happy like we did today.