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Jun 9, 2020
Nicholson, GEORIGA
McCormick/Landini mfg. LS CT 47 Model R50
Looking for a grille/brush guard for a 2012 McCormick CT 47 model R50 with an L111 loader, any suggestions for parts house or dealership.
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Probably the easiest find and best fit will be at your McCormick dealer. I had mine modified and its save me from damage two times, at least.

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The McCormick dealer in my area has been less than helpful on many occasions. It seems as if when they learn my McCormick was built by LS they are unable to find part numbers.
I have an LS dealership 40 miles away, been thinking about giving that angle a try.
Is the LS 4047 a McCormick CT 47?
I am sure I am not the first to have this issue. Anyone?
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Strange - several on TBN have found it difficult to locate an OEM grill guard. And not just for McCormick but Kubota, Kioti and others. And if they do find a GG - it could be OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Many hundreds of dollars - even up to $1K.

Mine was a $246 option and was installed by the dealer.

My point being - Look at mine. The OEM part is just the frame. No way in H*LL would I pay such an excessive amount for this OEM guard.
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Yes I have been planning on fabricating a grille guard mostly because unless you beef up the OEM guard it痴 really just a hood ornament.
I was just looking for a Hail Mary in case I was missing something.
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Call Shaker Equipment In Auburn Ky. They are a pretty decent size McCormick dealer and can probably help you out. 270 991-6287
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Welcome to TBN.

I had never heard that McCormick was made by LS?
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I think the lower horsepower tractors are all built by subcontractors, with the larger models all built in Italy by the home company
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Apparently McCormick bought line time from anyone to produce there compact/utility line.
Thanks Cruiserdog I’ll give them a call
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