Good morning!!!!

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Polaris. I have their basic model. Been running them over 30 years..

I would second the Polaris, but after at least three decades with the water powered ones with a booster pump, we switched to the Polaris 9540 all electric version and it is a quantum leap upwards.
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Good Evening gentlemen
Hope you are doing well Buppies.

We are pulling out in a few minutes. 3 hr drive to see the 4 week old Golden Retriever. Our first visit!

We get him at 8 weeks. So the "countdown to chaos" continues.

Everyone have a great day.
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Computer at church building giving me problems. It was stuck on a reboot, reboot which should never have occurred because it’s set for manual updates.
Had to force reboot twice before it finally responded it was updating.
Still working on updates an hour later.
It was last updated just a week ago.
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61 and pretty hard rain, going to 63. Over an inch so far.

Seems like every time I get ready to post there is a puppy interruption...I've been working on this simple post since 5:30am. :)

L4N, hope you keep progressing and go home on schedule.

BEF, your place is looking good...I approached mowing yesterday the same way you did...grass mostly dry on top, even though the tires showed some wetness below. I did get sprinkled on while mowing so finally had to quit. But got the important sections cut before this rain moved it. Also got the string trimming done.

Sodamo, I'm with you on the locked shelves and failure to deal with criminals properly. Sorry about Sophie's eye status.

Plow, hope the puppy visit goes well. So much fun.
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RNG, the paint job on the trailer won't effect the sale much IMO. Trailers sell fast usually. Let the next owner decide how **** they want to be about the paint...
What I would do if I were near Chico CA, is go see the AMA Flat Track races today/tonight at Silver Dollar Short Track. :)

I saw a group of Harley bikers pass me yesterday on my back country road way home from work. Maybe a dozen, almost all new with LED lighting, most all had reasonably quiet exhausts. They were wearing sleeveless vests, but I could not make out the club name. They did have a "chase" truck pulling a big enclosed trailer, that was flying by to try and keep up.

Don, sounds like the new place is a Doosey. Your persistence to get all the stuff done in order to contest the appraisal was heroic. My previous home was just barely in Williamson County. The county line went diagonally thru the neighbor's house next door. I went to protest once, and they shot me down. The value I was contesting wasn't worth having to give up one of my precious, limited vacation days in the end. It may have save me a few hundred bucks, and I believe they know that by creating road blocks, that most people will give in. I did not have the time, "to fight town hall". I hope you're successful. Keep us posted.

Popgadget, glad the permit came through. I did not realize the addition was attached. Was that the reason the permit went thru easier?

76F and humid. Going to 90's.

Here's some of our work cnc plasma cuts. I should have put them on a different background for better contrast.

Screenshot 2024-05-18 095859.jpg
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Hope to get some mowing done, but grass is still wet right now, and fields may be too muddy. Have a wedding to go to at 4pm.

Prayers for Bupps and wifey, Drew, L4N, LS, Ken, Phil, and others with silent needs. Also Ukraine and Israel.

I would like to write about some updates of the Russian transgressions, just staying factual and not political....but I'll hold off.
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Morning all, 63 going to 67 and rain.
Picked up another 10 bags of mulch this morning.

Lawntractor deck welding went well, if it ever dries up out there I will go put the deck back on the mower.
Still have to clear out the trench from all the flooding debris, but at least I cut back the growth in there.
Back area still too wet to remove more tree parts and rocks, eventually I will be able to take the flail back there again.

Got dogs nails trimmed, happy dog now.

BEF - that cherry looks like it would be nice to make some boards out of.
Seems this weather is really great for grass and vines.

Sodamo - sorry Sophie is still having eye issues, hope this surgery will fix it so she doesn't have to keep making the Dr. rich

Don - I have a Dolphin, not sure about the new ones, but this one works great and have had it for 7 seasons now, just getting to need new cable and replaced rollers. My pool guy uses them for all his clients.

Popgadget - when the equipment shows up the fun begins.

L4N - good to see that you are up and around. Hope you can exit the hospital soon.

Today of the rain lets up will put some mulch down. Son is off to work in a bit, Wife is working today. To bad 99% of what I need to do is outside, may just go get wet as I am falling behind on outdoor projects, a little rain won't hurt.

Son is now on the list for a role in a big play, but he has no experience, so little chance of getting the part. We also just enrolled him in a tv script writing course, that should be fun.

Sons band friends form old band are on break from college, so he is going to jam with them after work.

Be well,
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Popgadget, glad the permit came through. I did not realize the addition was attached. Was that the reason the permit went thru easier?

It’s an “accessory dwelling unit” as it has a kitchen, bathroom and laundry, and separated from the main house, but attached through the garage. Keeping it attached did streamline the process, but I still needed a variance to make it a “multi family dwelling”, even though it’s my family.

I’m not sure that I would describe an 8 month process as “fast”.
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Good Morning Don,
For those with pools is there a cleaning robot that does an excellent job?
Don, I pretty much echo what Mike and Paul have said ! I use a Polaris also, I forget the model number, but I have been using this unit for 6 or 7 years. It has two different programs. I use the 90 minute program, and it won’t go up the entire wall, only about half way. The other program is 2 1/2 hours and will go all the way up the wall, but it also has a tendency to flip over on its back on that program ! Also I find that most of the dirt really accumulates at the bottom anyway ! I’m sure the newer units are even more efficient!!


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