Good morning!!!!

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RS, you sound like you exercised a lot of patience.

took the turkey breast out at 165, and should have waited til 170.
but it was good, very good, and the mess is all cleaned up.

very nice out, got everything put away and ready to leave tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have lunch with my elderly friend in Washington NC, who I refer to as Miss Daisy, since I drive her around.
She's 92, looks 70, and has been a good friend.
She lives right next to the Washington Yacht Country Club so I'm meeting her at the CC.

I used to be a member there for the boat slip but did not stay for the food, which was awful.
She complains constantly about the place, that will take up half the lunch. I missed her the last time I was in Washington where she got covid. So I had to promise I'd stop as soon as I could.

no pumpkin pie but a little mint choc chip later will hit the spot.
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37F cloudy.

Been good slow motion day,I'm pretty sure I ate my face share 😬 pretty sure I have enough room for homemade blueberry pie with french vanilla ice cream...each kittens had there own special plate.
Plans for the evening..feet up desert watch some football.

Enjoy your evening all.
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Good (Friday) morning. Overnight Low of 13.5C and it's presently 19.7C, 'high overcast' & calm. Rain expected tomorrow...

So I'm glad that the "Wagtail Park Wood-stacking Festival" is completely over for another year.

Today will be a town trip to pick up a couple of cases of wine at the PO (mysteriously arrived, of course). Followed by a blood sample at the clinic, a 20ltr jerry-can of petrol and I'll stop off at the grocery store for some 'wet' cat food. (apparently, I bought the wrong kind last time and Penelope the Pussybeast has let me know of her displeasure)

That's about it, take care all.
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In this side of world today is just a regular day.
Some shops try to push Black Friday agenda, but even that doesn't look like something wow here.

Anyway - happy Thanksgiving to you all !!!
It's the same down here, especially the 'Black Friday' sales, which can be truly confusing for Australians as we have several, anniversary, "black" days referring to historic catastrophic bush fires.
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Well it's a bit past morning but no time this morning to do much on the computer.
We started eating our Thanksgiving feast at 1 PM, the last ones just left about an hour ago.
We had 2 deep fried 16# turkeys and a ham.
Last night i make a cranberry orange relish and a cooked cranberry sauce,
then mixed up a big batch of dressing.
Then this morning made up some candied sweet potatoes, Amish jello salad, creamed onions, brussel sprouts,
sweet corn.
Then the daughters brought mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, vegetable tray, deviled eggs and more dressing.
Then we had 3 different cheese cakes, 3 different pies and jello.
Lots of leftovers went out in takeout containers and lots in my fridges and freezers.

Hope everyone had a good day and good time with friends and family. I sure enjoy this Holiday but am glad it only comes around once a year.
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Good Morning Don,
So would that be Igor, or son of Igor on the PT therapist ? ;) :)

Sorry couldnt resist !;)
Neither it's BOI.
(Brother Of Igor)
No pain no gain, no wimpy physical therapy, one full hard hour 3 days a week. Yep it hurts, but that's what it's going to take to get back on the tractor.
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"I have to tell you, I've had a lot of error codes in my life"

That is a classic. I guess a lot of us could use it for our TBN signature. :giggle:

That’s akin to my signatire…