Good deals gone at RB auction...?

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Aug 19, 2008
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I just attended a RB auction online, on friday. I thought I'd check in a bit early to see what kind of good deals were out there. I have to sadly say.....a very very few! I watched numerous excavators go for what you would expect to pay on an equipment yard, sometimes more. Add the auction fees and sales least to me, no good deals. I watched numerous other pieces of equipment go for much more than I expected.
When it got to what I was looking for...forks and stump bucket.....some decent deals, but again, after the fees, tax, and fuel to drive to Columbus (2 hours) I can get a better deal buying via Ebay.
I did see a great deal on a boom, and some good deals on grapples...but I already bought one.
Wonder if it's due to early spring....or is RB getting too big for good deals....or the economy improving that much? (doubt that one)