Glad I'm Not Sick

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Being or getting sick cost money! And these days, doctor appointments are often months out rather than in the old days of hours or days.
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Here's one for you, a not uncommon experience unfortunately

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In our area, the local hospital/health clinic organization is one of the top three employers. It seems you can't turn around without seeing a medical facility of some sort. Today (9/14) I called to schedule my annual physical. Earliest appointment - January 11.

The last time I needed medical care, I had severely impacted ear wax that I couldn't clear. The walk-in clinic couldn't do anything and referred me to a specialist. Earliest appointment was three months. With some creative self doctoring, I took care of it myself.

Dental and vision care is a little better. If you are an existing patient, you can get a checkup appointment within one to two months.

Is this the new standard for every place?

I had the same problem when I was a yonger person. While the guy worked on me, I took note of the tools he was using, which were cheesy, plastic thingies with tiny, little loops at the bottom. Extras were stores in cups. On my way out, I nabbed a few of each size and told them so. Those dumb, little things have saved me twice ever since from my shoving ear plugs in just about every day.
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Same way here some of the best hospitals in the world are less than an hour away but you’ll die waiting for a appointment. And if you go to the we plan on being misdiagnosed. I went in with gout ( which all I needed was a script for cohlcrys I have had gout for year )and they said it was a rattlesnake bite. I would have know if that happened