Getting Ready For Winter.

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Gale Hawkins

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Sep 20, 2009
Murray, KY
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Bush hogged the place today and got it off for the winter. That was an easy task thanks to Pat's easy hitch. Then we got the box blade on with two clicks and one pin. :D

We finished putting the skin back on that we removed to remove, clean and recondition the 4DLT battery on the 265 MF and covered it with a new HF silver tarp since the old one was leaking bad. Also moved the JD 310 BH up to the house and are reconditioning the battery on it with the B&D/Vecter charger in Desulf Mode.

The kids raked/blew the leaves into the woods then mowed/trimmer the lawn since we expect a killing frost tonight.

We have made good progress getting ready for winter which should ready start in about one month.

Now that it is cooler we will start sawing, piling and burning a lot of trees we dug up with the BH and pushed out last spring. For the most part dirt work will wait until it is dryer.
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The porch is loaded with wood with ample back-up around the carport. The wife’s Subaru and my truck have good tires. Gutters are cleaned out. The generator was run dry after the last use and I have (2) 5 gallon cans of gasoline. Tomorrow I'm going to remove the mower deck, change the oil, and put the FEL and ballast box on.

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Seeing all that look makes me a little sad we went all electric about once a month. :(

We woke to frost this morning that lasted in the shade until 8 am so mowing should be finished for the year unless to clip some wild onions.

Are you high enough to be expecting any of the forecast snow?
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Guess I still have a month or two before I have to worry about Winter. It doesn't really take me very long to get ready for those two weeks, but I'm sure I will have to do something.
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Snowing here now, but we're under 2,000' so we shouldn't get hit too hard.
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Fast forward a couple days to this afternoon, a pic on the other side of the garage. Power's out but the generator is plugged in. October is kinda early for snow here.

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Beautifully. Good think you had the wood and juice maker ready and fueled.

Did you get the tractor ready to plow? :)

From the way they are talking it should all melt soon perhaps.
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Thanks, Gale. I must admit I did not get the tractor ready. I've been playing with our new Polaris Ranger when I should have been been servicing the tractor (and the 4-wheelers) for winter. Then I had to get the generator going. But you're right this snow should be gone soon, I'll just wait for nicer weather so I can work under better light with the garage door open. Meanwhile the Ranger "needs" broken it some more!:D
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Hey you are a man with toooooo many toooys. :)