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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
Kubota B3030HSDC
and i want to add chute deflector control to my B2782 blower. Looking at the Kubota Wholegoods list...... is see a BL2666 - Hydraulic chute deflector kit (with electric selector valve) for $701.00. Does anyone have one of these? Can anyone tell me what this kit includes?

My other option is the B2516 electric chute deflector kit. But the hydraulic sounds very appetizing.

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I installed that kit on my blower about a month ago. Actually the hyd. deflection chute was included with the purchase of the tractor but the dealer had a tough time getting the kit so they delived the tractor without that kit on it and gave it to me about a month later which I installed then.

Although I only used the hyd.cyl and two brackets for the chute out of the kit, the kit came with a pile of stuff such as 4 hoses, selector valve. wiring harness, connectors, switch, switch housing and a pile of fittings. I can see why it cost so much. If you need more info on the kit I can post the paper work that came with it. I ended up with all this stuff left over because I tired into my rear aux. ports for the chute. Paul


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You want to sell me that selector valve and the six fittings that thread into it??
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This is what I didn't use. Never thought about selling it. What's it worth to you?


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