Generic question on CUT tractor hours

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Hey though, you never know the true condition of the engine and transmission. I was helping my neighbor with his TC35D with over 6500 Hours! The tractor was in excellent shape. We took off the transmission cover just to take a look, and i swear, there wasn't even a scratch on any of those gears. Gears and everything is original. I would say it really depends on how well they take care of it. It can be like my neighbors who has such little wear on the engine and transmission, even though its considered "High Hours". Others can have 1200 Hours and be owned by a landscaping company, and be near the end of its life span. My TC35D has 1400 Hours and was owned by a landscaping company. Transmission is perfect, engine is OKAY. But again, this was used and abused for the 1200 hours. So its all about how it has been maintained. Trust me, my engine is more worn out at 1200 hours than my neighbors, all because he changed his oil more often, and ran a higher quality oil
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My experience with used equipment agrees with most of what's been said here. One thing that hasn't been mentioned are homeowner low hour machines. I see them sometimes with less than 500 hours on them. If decently maintained, they can be as good as new. Or even better.