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Feb 12, 2006
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Copied this from the HF website regarding their generator heads. I'm not sure I'm getting it. If this perpetual machine were possible, wouldn't we all have one?

" I purchased 3 of these to power my entire home. Our local utility bills went from $140 a month, to a whopping $450 due to huge rate increases. Sure the plastic bezel is cheap, the gauges are lousy, but if you compare it to a $1000 10KW unit from Northern Tools, its really no big deal to upgrade it. I am using a 2HP pool mag drive pump to push 3 fresh water pumps in series. Each pump has a genset on it with a series of weighted pulleys to obtain the 3000+RPM needed. The 2HP pool pump uses 12 amps. The excess power then powers my entire home. The utility company sent an inspector to make sure I wasn't stealing power from a neighbor, or creating a fire hazard. Needless to say, the inspector loved the setup, plus I showed him how to synchronize the 3 gensets without any danger of blowing them apart. He was very pleased with my results "
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That was a very smart inspector. Complimenting a nut case increased his chances of a safe exit from the premises :D

On the other hand, maybe it wasn't mentioned that he was pumping water up a hill during non-peak hours and using the water flowing back down to drive the generators during peak hours.
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lol yup, unless he is running other water through the pumps he's just wasting about 50% of the power he's putting into the system and lying about powering all his stuff.
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That was review written by, well.....a NUTJOB:cool: