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Feb 22, 2016
MF gc1710, Cat 305C
What kind of fittings are on the GC1710 loader hydraulic hoses? JIS?

I need to replace a few of the hydraulic hoses and need a cap to put on the ends until I can get one made. I know it's 1/4 hose, just not sure on the fitting.
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Look for brand and model number on connector (female side) and then go to manufacture's site and put in model number, it will tell you what thread type it is...

You could possible just disconnect hose at quick connect on tractor, might not need any cap or plug... That will seal off output so there is no fluid loss....

My GC 1715 uses Safeway brand connectors FWIW...
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I guess I should update this thread.

It used JIC 1/4 fittings for the DL 95 loader.