Garlic coming along nicely

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Feb 27, 2020
North Saanich,BC
Mahindra eMax 20s, Takeuchi TB210R
Planted late October. Just my second crop of any size, looks like near to 100% germination rate. I have about 700 in the ground. Still too wet to bother pulling the weeds.
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I LOVE garlic. Oddly - so do the deer and chipmunks. Fine looking crop there.
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nice. i plant around 275-300 a year and this is my 26th year from my original garlic - 2 pieces of pizza and a whole bulb OF GARLIC AND I LOVE IT. Use it for most food...congrats. you pick in august being up north.
   / Garlic coming along nicely
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Harvest in late July. It goes in the ground in late October. A garden crop that takes 9 months.
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I never got mine in the ground last year, it's still sitting on the refrigerator. Surprisingly, it hasn't sprouted yet.
I never thought about planting it in weedblock, I'll have to try it with the garlic and my onions this year. (y)
Usually it's just my seedlings that get that.