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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
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You just never know what you will find when a guy wants to make some extra room in his garage, and git rid of some stuff he isn't using.

Like a used-once Woods Groundbreaker BH6000, and a never-used, still-has-the-tag-on-it Woods LRC60 rake.

Happy Birthday to me !!!


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Morning Ductape.
You folks down there have much better garage sales than we do up here...."one mans junk is another mans treasure"
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Garage Sale? Did you check the serial numbers to see where they were stolen from?:D
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Nope, they are most definitely NOT stolen. But... i'm just not going to feel bad about ending up with a decent deal because someone else got into a little financial trouble. If not me, it would have been someone else. I even half-jokingly offered to buy his New Holland TZ, but since he would now be able to pay off the loan, it wasn't for sale.

I know it will take a little fab work to make a subframe to mount the hoe to my 20+ year old tractor.... but my plan is to haul it all down to scott_vt 's house with a twelve pack, and have him whip one together. Have you seen the quality of his workmanship?? SHHHHHH !!! He doesn't know i'm coming yet !
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Come on now and tell us what you paid for them and make us really jealous.

I once bought a Befco side shift tiller at a garage sale for $125.00. Not sure what the size was but I think it was 40" or 42".

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Congratulations! If these were the ones I saw somewhere (craigslist?) for sale, you got a great deal. You're going to love that hoe.
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I've been busted ! Exactly where i found them. Heck.... the guy was trying to get me to buy his generator too. He was really cleaning house.You know i have been looking for a hoe for quite awhile.... at least since the time you bought yours. I'm really glad i passed on all the beat up, patched back together, loose, worn out used hoes i've looked at along the way. Its amazing the junk i looked at for more money than i paid for this minty Woods. Still tight like a nun. In the hour and a half it took me to drive out to his house they had about eight other people in line for it behind me..... i made sure i had cash in hand, and had my trailer with me. Now if i could only get it on my tractor this week.... i'm so impatient ! Whats-Her-Name is gone on vacation for the week with her family... she left yesterday morning. I'm in BIG trouble when she gets home next weekend !