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Apr 12, 2011
I stopped over my fathers house to put the plow on his truck. Dead battery and after a charge it would crank but no start. He hasn't used it or started it in about 4 -5 months so I'm assuming it has summer blend fuel in it and it may have gelled. We have had chilly nights in the teens and days in the mid 20s-low 30s. It's a 2006 6.0 PSD with 40k miles on it. Does anyone know at what temp summer fuel would do this ?
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It doesn't take much below freezing to gel some fuel. Might try some Rescue 911 to clear the lines.
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Are ALL the glow plugs ----->working??

Was it spinning over really fast??

That's the first two things I'd be looking at...

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Been there , seen that, now I always use an additive to prevent gelling,
Small insurance premium as I hate walking back home.
If that filter looks like a blob of white , then you gelled!
There is an additive labeled '911' that will clear up gelling problems. Try it!
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It was towed to the dealer a little while ago. I asked them to keep it inside over night to see. If it would thaw before they start just swapping parts. I don't know if once it does gell, weather it will un gell and be ok. At that point I'm hoping I can just put the additive in the fuel that's there now.
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I wouldn't expect to see fuel gel down to +10F at the least.
Water of course will freeze at your temps.
Glow plugs & relay good places to start as well,as mentioned here.
Good Luck!
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I've only had gelling one time when starting at -22 F. It started but died a mile or so down the road. Let it sit about a minute. Restarted and drove about another mile. Let sit again. Restarted and then fine. Think you may have some problem with the glow plugs. Gelling likely won't keep it from starting, but from running. A little bit of warmth on the fuel filter and/or fuel lines will ungel them. It's just wax. Wax is fuel above 5 to 10 F, even in summer fuel.