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Feb 12, 2006
Central New Hampshire
Kubota B3030HSDC
After seeing a thread on this down in the Massey section, i just HAD to have more info on this. Member FredWalter sent me these pics he took at his tractor dealer. This kit is made by Wallenstein, and is in the $2,200 to $2,500 range (Canadian)....... with the current exchange rate, would be...... what, about $4,500 US ??? Seriously though..... i need more info on this kit. I know there are tractor dealers here that are Wallenstein dealers !!!! Hello !! Make a call for me to your US distributor...... i need more info on this !! Price in US dollars, available applications, etc. This runs of your mid-PTO, and goes through a gearbox to reduce speed to 540 rpms..... and uses your loader valve to run the hydraulic cylinder to raise,lower,and float. I have seen similar set ups on European web sites, but never here in the US. Besides the snowblower in the picture, what other applications can you come up with that might be beneficial??

Finish mowing? No more flattening the grass with your tires before you mow it.

Brush hogging? Saplings no longer scratching the heck out of your tractor before being cut.

I'm sure there are many situations, even non powered impliments, where it might be better to have the impliment in front of the tractor.

Check out the pics and add some input !


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Check out the Power-Trac line of tractors. ALL attachments are up front where they belong. ;)