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Sep 27, 2004
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Kubota M6800 4WD
I have a Kubota M6800 4WD and am considering a front end loader. My dealer recommends the Woods LU 126 or 132, but I also am considering the Kubota LA1002 or LA1162. My questions are what's the difference between the two Kubota Models? Is the lift capacity the main difference or are there other important features? I expect the Woods to be cheaper. Any preferences between the two brands? Would the controls be similar or would the Kubota be better integrated with the tractor? Also I have 5 suitcase weights mounted on the front. Will these interfere with the installation and have to be removed or will these loaders fit without their removal? Anyone have any experience with these FELs or opinions? What should I expect to pay for these installed? I will use it for general use around the hunting property. Thanks!
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You normally remove the suitcase weights when using a front end loader because with a bucket load of heavy soil, gravel, sand, etc... you are overloading the front axle and can damage or break it. The weights sticking out front also prevent you from getting close enough to a truck or trailer to dump the bucket.
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The LA 1002 doesn't have the 4 bar linkage so the dump angles aren't as good. Also it probably has a weaker curl.

Don't know a think about Woods. ALO/Quicke loaders are pretty much the only thing installed on Kubotas up here.
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I know what you're talking about Slowzuki. Got three with Quicke loaders and the dealer never even mentioned another option. I've never seen a Kubota without a Kubota-branded Quicke on it. I will say that I prefer the old Quicke loaders (got a 9000 with the 740 non-self-levelling loader on it) to the new M35/M45 ones. Visibility is better on the older ones, the quick-attach hookup visibility is much better, and the level indicator works without falling off/apart every 50-100 hours. Dealer tells me that the new ones are stronger, but my M45 also drops when it's supposed to hold its level.
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Hello HCJ,

Down this way, Woods GroundMovers are the most common. LU126. I would go on their website and compare specs with the other loaders. I believe the Woods has more lift capacity than the Kubota LA1162. The Woods' arms are curved more and from looking at them they seem to have the bucket closer to the tractor. That would also allow more lift since it is closer in than further out. I'm not positive on the prices, but believe the Woods and Kubota are priced pretty close.
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Redbug, a shorter loader (bucket closer to the tractor) means less lift height, not more, if all other things are equal and I understood your written intent properly. It'll allow more weight to be lifted without the rear wheels leaving the ground, but limit how far out from the tractor you can dump your load, especially with the load lifted into the air.
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Hi Gin,

I was thinking of lifting load. It never crossed my mind about having less lifting height...good point. But that could be a negative factor, especially if you want to load dump trucks, etc. I was focused only on weight being lifted.
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I have one of setups you are considering. Redbug knows me and the stuff I've done with mine. I have a M6800HD and I went with the Woods LU126. I told the dealer I wanted "heavy duty" and he steered me to the Woods and he is a Kubota dealer as well. I have the WR Long 4-in-1 bucket on the front as well. I've never been unhappy with performance as I've done some clearing activities that probably should have been reserved for a dozer!
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A similar question--does anyone know what the lift load capacity (in pounds) is for my Kubota M6800 with a LA1002 front end loader? Thanks.
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I am no expert but when I bought my Kioti 45 from a true AG dealer he recommended Woods over Kioti loader my choice no price difference. I ended up with Woods loader and backhoe and have been very happy. My Sister bought a Kioti 45 new in 2011 on my recommendation and got the Kioti loader. After 4 weeks of use one of the main lift cylinders broke the weld and fell off. Dealer fixed it no charge. I do know as of last year at christmas visit the Kioti loader is twisted and grill guard is bent. I believe I have put my Woods loader through much more abuse than they have. I also believe that Kioti and Kubota both make a great product I own both today. Point being Woods may be a good choice.