Found an old pond - needs water

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Like Eddie, I'm surprised you haven't had more rain. My ponds are so full that I can spit in the first one and then watch it overflow to the second one and then out into the lake.;) Actually, the ground seeps enough that there is a constant small flow from the highest pond all the way to our lake. Of course, if I could get rid of all the turtles, the water level would drop a foot.:rolleyes:

Jeremy, your pond is looking good. Surely this spring you will get the needed rainfall and fill the pond. Then, you'll be able to see if it will hold the water or leak a bit. My guess is that it will hold just fine.
   / Found an old pond - needs water
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Hope so Jim. I'd like to eventually build a larger pond in the area that MO Dept. of Conservation suggested so if anything this should be a good test pond.