Ford says no to Diesel F-150

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Mazda has been talking about putting a diesel into the north american version of the CX-5 for quite some time now but still hasn't made it official. Since VW has been toying with the idea for over a year now and nothing official about when they think it will hit the dealers (usually something general like fall 2014) I'm wondering if the bean counters shot it down. I'm guessing that prices would start at about $35k (ca) plus taxes (based off of UK prices).
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Exactly what I planned..

Importing new cars from Canada is not that easy. The Canadian government has different standards than the US. Plus emissions are going to be your biggest problem. I would check with your state as to what standards they use. It's either the federal standard or the California standard. You will need to meet that standard when you register the vehicle. Vehicles that are made for both markets are much easier because they are often cross certified. Also if VW imports it to Canada (vs building it in Canada or Mexico) NAFTA will not cover it possibly making it expensive to bring across the border.
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hehe.. American plate, cross border, buy car, put plate on, come back ... simple :thumbsup:

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hehe.. American plate, cross border, buy car, put plate on, come back ... simple :thumbsup:


I have friends who would buy ATVs and other stuff here in the states and then get it dirty before they headed across the border. Small stuff would get taken out of the packaging. They would make a fake bill of sale and say they bought it used to avoid paying at the border. When the exchange rate changed so did the flow of merchandize. About 10 to 15 years ago buying in Canada was a great deal. I bought plenty of ATVs and other forms of power equipment in Canada to bring into the US. There's a Honda dealer in the town that just got hammered by that run away train with the crude oil that I bought from several times. They would drive to the Maine border to finish the paperwork in the US to avoid paying any Canadian taxes (and then getting a refund). The US customs agents were a lot tougher than the Canadian ones. I had to remove a Honda outboard motor from it's crate so the agent could see where it was made and confirm the serial number even though he had done it lots of times with the same dealer.